Simple Occ Med™


Simple Occ Med is an occupational healthcare communication platform that was built to improve the quality and efficiency of service delivery through the first point of communication between employers, medical provider and industry representatives. Simple Occ Med is the only universal technology that has bridged and automated the "account detail/setup" and treatment authorization process for employers to work with multiple medical providers and industry representatives seamlessly.

Our Value to You

Simple Occ Med enhances communication by improving the connectivity and information flow among employers, medical providers and industry representatives. We are committed to ensuring that our users take full advantage of our cost effective and secure technology that focuses on business to business relationships. Our customers enjoy the experience of enhanced communication without the costly requirements of implementing expensive software and complex integration. It's simple, it’s easy and only requires internet access.

Executive Team

Simple Occ Med's Executive Team and Advisory Board thrives under the guidance and leadership of 100 years of combined business knowledge and technology expertise. This best-in-industry talent is the driving force behind Simple Occ Med's unwavering commitment to innovation, process improvement and the engagement of all participants 
within the Occupational Medicine industry.


How It Works


Simple Occ Med’s user-friendly platform does not require complex software integration. All you need is internet access. We make your account setup, and user management simple and easy. 

We Keep It Simple
Simple Occ Med's cloud based technology understands that there are four points of communication in the life cycle of employee patient care which are managed through; 

- Employer Account Details 
- EMR/EHR Solutions 
- Billing Systems 
- Risk Management Information Systems 

At Simple Occ Med our core objective is to provide clear communication between all participants in the Occupational Medicine Industry. In action we accomplish this through optimal connectivity and information flow which is focused on the first point of communication in the patient care life cycle, the Employer Account Details. 

Through accurate communication of the Employer Account Details, our users are able to experience increased efficiency and quality in employee patient care. Empowered with our system users stay informed of every step in the employee patient progression. We believe that the more you know, the better equipped you will be to achieve your goals related to employee patient care. Based on historical data within the Occupational Medicine industry and current studies that reveal, good communication is the key in healthcare, we have made it our goal to empower you with the best tools to accomplish the highest level of communication. Contact us and learn how our tools can improve the way you do Occupational Medicine.


Simple Occ Med™ Account Features

Employer Account
Account Portability - Providing Access to Unlimited Medical Providers 

Customized Account Details for One or Multiple Employer Locations 
Automated Treatment Authorizations 
Document Exchange (Status Reports, Job Descriptions etc.) 
Care Progression Tracking System 
Real Time Result Reporting 
Custom Reports* 
Online Employee Scheduling 
S.O.M. Bids Best Price Quotes 
-Assist in Expediting FROI State Requirements 

Integration of Outcome Based Solutions 
Interactive Mapping Tools 

Medical Provider Locator Tool 
Provider Score Cards 
Tiered Medical Provider Preferences 

Medical Provider Account 
Simple Occ Med  Medical Provider Communication Resources 

 Provider(s) Profile
Medical Center Profile
Identifiable on Simple Occ Med Locator
Automated Treatment Authorizations
The Ability to Access Account Details from Employer Clients
The Ability to Access Employer Account Details - Non Clients (Employer Authorized)
The Ability to Develop Local, State And National Provider Alliances
Seamless Communication of Patient Progression in Center
The Ability To Send Lab Request
Document Exchange - Status Reports, Job Descriptions
Real Time Results Reporting
The Ability to Track No Show Visits 
Access To S.O.M. Bids Participation 
Multiple Custom Reports