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OMA Knowledge Experts

Occ Med Alliance has sourced Consultants & Knowledge Experts within the Occ Med Industry. We focus on two key areas however, our services do expand further as described below.

Medical Professionals: Occ Med Alliance Consultants have been rigorously trained in the Occ Med space and are top performers in their recognized area of expertise. Many have past experience  with large Occ Med groups and  it is to this end, they have volumes of knowledge related to best practices, work flow efficiency and brand identity. We specialize in MPN Education and Operational Work Flow; the key components that can make or break the success of your Occ Med. 

Employers: All of our Knowledge Experts provide unique and innovative ideas to reduce employer claims cost and save you money; our goal is to team with you and provide the best possible outcome in your area of need. Listed below are the six key areas of expertise that we provide.  All Consultants and Knowledge Experts are carefully selected and only those professionals with a proven track record for success are accepted. 

To learn more please call us or  contact us at our office to set up an appointment. 

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