Occ Med Alliance Providers Reach YOY Average Growth of 38%

February 2019

We closed out 2018 impacting our Provider Community with an average increase of 38%. The business lines measured were specific to Occupational Healthcare and they did not include provider acquisitions.   What does this mean? It means good providers do exist and they aren't all under one roof, or one company. 

It also means that "those that do get, and those that don't, don't". This is what we often tell our provider clients in our first meetings with them. If you do a great job you get the business, and if you don't do a great job, then you don't get the business. It is truly that simple.

Payors and Employers are far too savvy to be swayed by sales pitches and See's Candy at Christmas, they want results and there is nothing more powerful in your brand that to produce them. Yet, when it comes to Occ Med, it isn't so much that providers don't want to achieve the results, it's that many times they aren't aware the terrain from which they must produce them. At Occ Med Alliance, we help providers to better understand navigating the market and we also make sure that they have proper representation in the marketplace. Our representation isn't tied to commissions or per visit bonuses, we also don't jump into reimbursements or participate as the 'middleman' - we simply bring perspective and work together as a team to ensure that the best outcomes come forth. The best part? Everyone wins when access to best care services is broadened; the Patient, the Employer and the Payor.

Therefore, I think we would all agree that in Occ Med, half the battle is knowing what you need to know, and the other half is knowing where the resources can be found to learn it. Having said this, and as CEO of Occ Med Alliance, I believe that one of the reasons our providers experienced this increase was because they took a chance with us and together, we have learned much for the greater good of all in the Occ Med labyrinth. And nowhere else has it ever been more true than in the Work Comp side of things. Truly who can know all of Work Comp but, no one. If ever there was an industry where we all depend on one another for success, it would be Work Comp, wouldn't you agree?!

So hats off to these providers! We are super excited to brag on their success. It gives us great joy to see them reaping the benefits of growth. Indeed, it is why we do what we do at Occ Med Alliance because "Our passion is helping you in your success"