Occ Med Alliance was introduced into the Occ Health industry in 2015; since then we have helped improve over 60,000 patient visits and have assisted over 15,000 Employers nationwide. In 2017, our affiliate OMA 360, was introduced, and together we offer unique perspectives and disciplines through our Consulting, and OMA 360 Technology services.  In 2018,  we subsequently added Virtual Care to our repertoire of services, and we also added our Strategic Services for Physical Therapy.  This year we expect to do even more and we are excited for those next steps. 

At Occ Med Alliance, we believe that access to good care is paramount to healthy outcomes, and we are committed to steer our efforts towards providing options, to and for, the benefit of all participants in the Occ Health and the Urgent Care Industry. Therefore, in light of all this, and all we have accomplished thus far, Occ Med Alliance continues to be as our name describes:

 'An alliance of Business and Medical Professionals in the Occupational Health Industry; Created by the Industry to Serve the Industry with Excellence and Integrity'.

We look forward to what the future holds in all these endeavors, together with you, our community, our partners, and our cherished colleagues in healthcare.


Our Clients

OMA clients are threefold. We serve Medical Providers, Employers and Administrative Participants in the Occ Health industry, and we do this in various ways. 

Medical Providers: We provide growth strategies and Medical Provider Network (MPN) education for organizations seeking to enhance their Occ Health program. We also provide Training in Best Practices, Policy & Procedures, Employer Communication and Regulatory Compliance. All participants in our program receive OMA Certification and are given the opportunity to participate in our Provider Community. We also offer Simple Occ Med™, EMR, and Virtual Care  to enhance your practice. 


Employers: We provide single point of contact Account Management and Provider Mapping for Employers that want to tailor their Provider selections within their Provider Network. Our team of experts are located in multiple states and have experience within the differing regulations of Work Comp and OSHA from state to state. All Employers in our program are given free access to Simple Occ Med™, and our Virtual Care platform where available. We also offer Occ Med Bids as a free tool for Employers to utilize when seeking out best price for things such as Physicals & Drug Screens.

Industry Participants: We are honored to have Industry Participants on our team, and on our Advisory Board. Our goal in this regard is to serve the Occ Health industry with new options and to assist in the quest for greater access to quality care. Work Comp and Pre-Hire Services are critical; though they are often on separate ends of the Occ Health spectrum they each play a vital role in the care of Employees. Occ Med Alliance is committed to work with various participant groups to help identify new opportunities for better care and communication efficiency. Many of our Industry Participants are given free access to Simple Occ Med™, and access to our Virtual Care program where available 


To sustain and remain as a Healthcare Leader, through Innovation, Integrity and with a Community Purpose  


 Provide the best resources in the marketplace to equip others for success in healthcare; and to honor the Occ Med industry in whole, through the creation of strategies that drive access to care and service excellence. 


 Innovation, Empowerment, Integrity, Accountability, Respect, Compassion and Trust