OMA360™  Virtual Care & TeleMed

OMAproviders™ is an advanced Virtual Care and TeleMed service that offers patients access to care through “Virtual Visits” both inside the medical center and remotely. Through our services Continuity of Care is preserved and Medical Access for the Patient is enhanced. Patients and Providers are able to schedule, engage and receive care via our telehealth system and program.

How it Works

Providers access the application by becoming a member of OMAproviders™. When the Provider is a member, they can offer their patients the telehealth service. Patients will be able to access the Provider remotely once they have set up an account by subscribing to the service through the mobile app. Patients can also be seen alternatively inside the medical center while their Provider may be off site or at another location. In either scenario, Patient can engage with their initial Medical Provider, as their treatment and healing progresses. Providers have the opportunity to set their schedule and accept appointments from their patients within their predetermined availability.   


It's As Easy As 1-2-3

Step 1: Login

Step 2: Accept Appointment

Step 3: Engage the Appointment


If you are a Medical Provider that wants to offer Virtual Care or TeleMed to your current patients, at a fraction of the cost to build your own technology platform, then OMA 360, is here to help.

OMAproviders™ is a flat fee Virtual Care and TeleMed platform  that is super easy to use. It is designed to help Providers compete in the marketplace because we know in doing so, that patients are better served.

 At OMA360™, it is not our practice to inject ourselves into your business, we are not a middleman and it is not our goal to ever be one.  We simply seek out, provide and deliver some of the best services in the market to enhance your practice for the greater good of all.   To receive more information about our Virtual Care and TeleMed, or to set up a Virtual care account, 

contact us.